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The terms and conditions (T&C) as expressed herein govern the use of Carmacom.co.ke (Site). In accessing the site, you are confirming that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions. Decline of T&C means you will not use the site. T&C may evolve over time and you are advised to check out for updates.

Accessing Carmacom.co.ke after an update means acceptance of the changes and use of the site constitutes agreement with all the terms and conditions without exception. Carmacom.co.ke reserves the right to change the terms and conditions any time.

By using Carmacom.co.ke, you are agreeing to adhere to updated Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions plus Cookies Policy. Please review and indicate your agreement. Should you not be clear about anything, contact Carmacom.co.ke for clarification.

Accessing Carmacom.co.ke means you have accepted that these terms and conditions bind you as they are and as amended when accessing after an amendment.

Granted access is non-transferable, non-exclusive and revocable upon violation any terms and conditions or involvement in unlawful activity.

Written additional agreement separately taken with Carmacom.co.ke super cedes these terms and conditions in the event of a conflict between the T&C and the separate agreement. 


You may view Carmacom.co.ke site without registering. However, to gain access to services, you must register with correct personal details. Please note that misrepresentation will result in denial of access without notice.

By accessing this site, you are confirming that you are legally fit, of sound mind, at least 18 years of age and free to enter into valid agreements at own will and that the terms bind you.

Access to Carmacom.co.ke site is granted on the premise that you will only use it to find products, services and make purchases.

Your account details are for sole use and nontransferable. Carmacom.co.ke will not accept any breach of this condition of non-transfer. Protection of your password is your sole responsibility. In the event of any breach, notify us immediately. We will not take responsibility for loss arising from such breach.

Each user shall only maintain one registration on this site. Multiple registrations by the same person under various accounts is prohibited. You may update your account information from time to time.to reflect the current status. When you close your account we will remove the personal information from our site except publications.

Each registered account holder should keep their password and identifications confidential and maintain sole user access. Carmacom.co.ke will not be responsible for breach of this condition.

Again, a user must only register once and user access is solely controlled by the user self-created ID and password. The user is solely responsible for confidentiality and security of their access credentials. In the event of any breach, the user must immediately inform Carmacomco.ke. The user is liable for any loss caused by shared access as passwords are strictly for individual use and control.


Personal Information

The personal information registered on our site are purely for operating your account and Carmacom.co.ke to communicate with you. They are limited to aid of provision services to you.   

Any attempt to access our systems, networks, applications, databases, computers, servers or influencing data integrity and any functionality among others are strictly prohibited. Breach will lead to immediate denial of access without prejudice and legal action.

Personal information shared with us will be protected against unauthorized access and kept under strong security.

Your personal information helps us serve you better, resolve queries, statistics and provide clarifications. The information is only used as stated in this privacy policy and in accordance with applicable law. Your personal information cannot be disclosed in a way not stated in this privacy policy. We define personal information here as information that can identify or contact you.

Your personal information will not be shared with third parties without your express consent. Exception can only be if Carmacom.co.ke is legally compelled through legal law enforcement as provided for by laws of Kenya.

All information submitted to Carmacom.co.ke becomes sole property of Carmacom.co.ke upon receipt. We are not obligated to change or edit any of the submissions. Published information like blogs become public.

Personal information may only be released as dictated by laws of Kenya. We can remove personal information when requested by you within reasonable time so long as there are no pending legal constraints. 

 Surveys and Online Marketing

Request to participate in online survey is purely optional and information requested are solely to help us improve your shopping experience.

You can register to receive newsletters, offers, promotions etc. and if no longer interested you can opt out by unsubscribing. The information you provide should be accurate, complete and current.

 General Terms and Conditions

Violation of these terms and conditions without prejudice will lead to denial of access and prohibited acts will be dealt with legally. We advise adherence to all conditions. Carmacom.co.ke strives to maintain amicable relationship and act in good faith at all times and requires the same from users.  

Carmacom.co.ke will not be liable for service interruptions arising from maintenance, power failure, network unavailability or other factor beyond our control. 

Links to third party sites should not be construed to imply any type of relationship whatsoever. Access to such links is solely the responsibility of the user. Access to linked sites will be at the terms of the privacy policy of such sites. Carmacom.co.ke has no control over linked sites and will not be liable for products and services accessed through such sites.

Breach of terms and conditions will lead to termination and removal of access.

Registration and viewing the site is not an offer to sell and is just an invitation to treat. An offer happens when an item you intend to purchase is selected, paid for and check out completed. Acceptance of the offer occur upon dispatch and not when notification of placement of an order is sent via email or phone. Additional verifications may be made before an order is confirmed. When an order cannot be processed, we reserve the right to stop or cancel any order any time for any reason without liability.


The provided product information is as published by the manufacturer, it does not constitute our guarantee. The warranty we give is based on the manufacturer’s guarantee and terms of use. 

Intellectual Properties, Copyrights, Proprietary Rights and all trademarks

We uphold protection of intellectual properties and copyrights. Any concern of infringement should be immediately brought to our attention for action.

By accessing Carmacom.co.ke you agree to comply with all copyright and intellectual property rights and that you will not reproduce it in any form.

Intellectual property rights, proprietary rights, copyright, trademarks of Carmacom.co.ke are solely reserved for Carmacom.co.ke. Modification, copying or any other use is prohibited except as provided in these terms. All materials, graphic, software or otherwise in this site belong to Carmacom.co.ke.

Shopping and Delivery

Currently our delivery is only within Kenya. We will strive to deliver as per estimated timeframes but in the event we are not able to due to reasons beyond our control, we will be free from any liability,

Carmacom.co.ke avails this online market place for users to register, search for products, place orders, make payments and communicate in accordance with these terms and privacy policy. In response it accepts and processes orders subject to availability and delivery options. Carmacom.co.ke will not be liable for unavailability of products or inability of users to complete a purchase process. Product risks are limited to manufacturer’s warranty terms and Carmcom.co.ke is not liable. 

As a user you represent and agree that you have full power and authority to accept the terms and will solely use this site for making purchases as per terms

Pricing shall be as calculated and your progress to pay and check out is confirmation of agreement with the displayed price.

 Legal Jurisdiction

The applicable laws are the Laws of Kenya

Issues dealing with terms and conditions will be resolved through arbitration in accordance with laws of Kenya

Posts and feedback

By sharing any information with us, you represent that you have full authority and power to share such information. 

Feedback should be authentic, truthful and supportable. User will be held personally responsible for non-truthful or none substantiated comments. We believe in honest and true feedback.

Carmacom.co.ke does not allow untruthful activities, fraud, impersonation, unauthorized access to internal systems and any other form of unlawful acts and activities.    

As a user you are fully responsible for the comments you make and information you share with us.

The permitted information are those that are within the law, nondiscriminatory, truthful and non-offensive, 

We reserve the right to reject, modify, remove or alter any post for any reasons at any time. The person submitting a post that violate any law and terms of this site will be legally responsible for such posts.

A user is legally liable for own comments if found to be against the laws of Kenya

Amendment of Terms and Conditions

These terms and condition may be amended from time to time and continued use of the site after any amendment means acceptance of amended terms.

Accessing Carmacom.co.ke indicate you are in agreement with our Cookies Policy. Cookies help identify your browser and notes your current visits and also remembers some details for future subsequent visits. Cookies are necessary for management of the site. Cookies help avoid repeating entries during your next visit to the site.

Carmacom.co.ke will not send to you marketing messages without your consent through opt-in or opt-out.

Breach of Systems

By accessing Carmacom.co.ke, you agree that you will not interfere with the integrity of its systems in any way whatsoever,

The user agrees not to attempt any unauthorized access to databases, hardware, systems and personal information data.   

User responsibility

You represent that the information you provided is accurate, true and current, that you are legally eligible to accept these terms, that you will only access and use the site for lawful purposes, and that Carmacom.co.ke can use your personal information as per privacy policy. User is responsible for loss associated with incorrect information provided by the user.


 Parties agree that electronically sent agreements and notices satisfy legal requirement of communication which should be in writing. Legal notices to Carmacom.co.ke must be served physically, by registered mail or courier and vice versa to user. The notices became effective upon receipt by the parties. Other non-legal information and communication sent electronically are deemed to meet legal requirement of communications in writing.


Unlawful activities

In the event of criminal investigations, we will abide by the law and the account holder agrees not to take any action against Carmacom.co.ke. 

As dictated by the prevailing terms, Carmacom.co.ke will terminate any user involved in fraud, criminal act or any activity considered unlawful by the laws of Kenya. Carmacom.co.ke reserves the right to claim damages, compensation, indemnity or any other restitution deemed fit against any harm caused by a user.

User is solely responsible for fraud, untrue representation, offence, damages and loss caused by such acts

Commercial use or use on behalf of any third party is prohibited, except as explicitly permitted by Carmacom.co.ke in advance. These Terms and Conditions of Use specifically prohibit actions such as

Using any form of inappropriate access to interfere with Carmacom.co.ke systems constitutes an offence.


Users are solely liable for their actions and claims that arise from such actions. Carmacom.co.ke will claim damages in the event such actions cause injury to its services and reputation.



Unless otherwise stated, these terms are the full agreement between Carmacom.co.ke and you. Nothing in this agreement constitutes agency or employment or partnership contract except it provides for parties as independent contractors.

This agreement is governed by the laws of Republic of Kenya and the language of the agreement is English

Any dispute arising out of the agreement which cannot be amicably settled between the parties, shall be handled as per terms and conditions

Force Majeure

No party will be liable for failures resulting from acts beyond control such as acts of God, strikes, unrests and such like happenings.

Neither party will be liable for any breach of its obligations under this agreement to the extent that it is prevented from performing them by circumstances beyond its reasonable control such as acts of terrorism, displacement, pandemic and natural disasters

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