Every day as customers walk into our shop, we see them scanning through the phone displays trying to decide which phone to buy.  Many have a pretty good idea of what they want and can tell what they are looking for. The value we add is to offer guidance on identification of a phone that will meet specific customer needs and offer best value for their investment. The beauty is that, we do these with ease given our experience and knowledge of the phones. Be it online or offline, inevitably, at some point in this digital age, you will either find yourself buying a new phone for the first time or replacing an old one.

No matter how many times you do it, every new experience is always exciting yet cumbersome decision to make. There are so many choices and factors to consider. New phones are released into the market at such a high frequency that we can barely keep up with all the specifications. Given it is a human decision that seeks to meet specific human needs, we can normalize the process by making it a more personal experience and a lot easier to make an  informed and fulfilling choice. Like all other decisions, get a clear a purpose by asking yourself the following;

  • Why are you getting a phone? If you are getting a phone after losing a phone that you dearly loved, you will probably replace it with the same model. If you are doing an upgrade, list all the things you loved about your old phone and make sure the new phone meets those needs over and above the added features.  If you detest the current phone, ensure the new phone covers the deficiency of the old one. If you are buying a phone for the first time and you want to familiarize yourself with phone usage, you would probably consider an easy to use phone with simple applications.


  • What do you mainly intend to use the phone for? If the main intension to take photos, your priority is to get a phone with good camera capability. If you are buying a phone to allow you work when you are away from your computer, then get a fast processing phone with good synchronizing functionalities to help seamlessly meet your work requirements and so on depending on specific needs.


  • How do you use your phone? If you are always on phone, a long battery life is a non-negotiable feature. If you share your phone with the children then a good touch screen with screen protector is essential. If you phone doubles up as a kindle (for reading) then portability and size of the screen and clarity is a key consideration.


  • Where do you use your phone most? If you frequently use your phone in public spaces, then you may consider the attention it is likely to draw and the risk of losing it, hence budget is critical. In such case you may have one phone for such locations or insure your phone. If you use your phone mostly at night or in very sunny areas then lighting features will be of key interest.


  • Since all the various needs and wants cannot be exhausted in one post, share your requirements for more posts,


Having checked the consideration above, now determine the budget range you are willing to spend and window shop online to see the available offers that meet your need within your budget.  And of course, always inquire on the after sale services offered in by the seller or manufacturer of the phone. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you purchase a phone that you love, are comfortable with and meets your need.  It is not about the trends, features and specs for the sake of it.

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